Internet Explorer 11 Group Policy Preferences

With Internet Explorer 11 being released a couple of days ago for Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 and Internet Explorer Maintenance being deprecated since IE10- you’re going to want to use one of the alternative methods (Group Policy Preferences, Administrative Templates or the Internet Explorer Administration Kit) to configure Internet Explorer for your organisation. If you’re used to configuring Internet Explorer with Group Policy Preferences, you’ll be thinking “not a problem” and install IE11 onto an administration machine or a server assuming it will add the option to create a new GPP for Internet Explorer 11. This is what you’ll see if you try that.

Group Policy Preferences Internet Explorer 10

Where is the option to add an Internet Explorer 11 Group Policy Preference Internet Settings Policy?

There is no option. The Internet Explorer 10 option actually covers Internet Explorer from version 10 to … 99! That’s right 99. To prove this and to visually confirm this is the case, create a policy by using Internet Explorer 10 Internet Settings and find the unique ID of the GPO.


Browse to \DCSYSVOLDomainPoliciesuniqueIDUserPreferencesInternetSettings and open the InternetSettings XML document in notepad. Note the 5th line which states version ->

IE10 GPP Internet Settings

If you’re looking to use Group Policy Preferences to configure Internet Explorer 11, using the Internet Explorer 10 Internet Settings option will work for version 11 and future releases of Internet Explorer.


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